mayo 22, 2018

Hello, dear investors!

We would like to share with incredible news with all our investors around the world today!

As we promised, we have added a new investment packages and now investors can receive more profits from crypto currency mining process!

Crypto Source Ltd. have opened a new mining farm’s with higher power efficiency, which will mine Bitcoin and Ethereum much faster then usual. For new mining farm’s used absolutely new, updated hardware, that was developed by our team of specialist, it’s patented and unavailable for mass purchase.

New investment packages are next:
C-S 1 : 125,00% After 1 Day
C-S 2 : 230,00% After 5 Days
C-S 3 : 500,00% After 15 Days
C-S 4 : 2600,00% After 90 Days
C-S 5 : 5200,00% After 180 Days
C-S 6 : 11000,00% After 360 Days

The old mining packages will be also active. You need log in to your Crypto Source account to see new investment packages details. Profit percent depends on invested amount, than higher invested amount is, by that larger profit percent you will receive.

Mining company Crypto Source Ltd. always working under new innovative approach for crypto mining process and we track down all possibilities to be ahead of the rest companies and to stay competitive.

Now about global popularity of our company.

Global Alexa Rank: 94,343

TOP 5 countries by Alexa Rank:
- United States 14,238
- United Kingdom 28,322
- Canada 18,022
- Spain 23,414
- France 36,629

Within next month, there will be added company video review to our webpage . Video review will be made from our main office, which is located in London. Investors will be able to see our team and learn more about Crypto Source Ltd. mining company.
Also will be added phone support, for better support of our clients. You will be able to call by provided phone number and ask any kind of questions that you have to our call operators.

We wish to all our investors receive maximum benefit and income from crypto currency mining process.

Crypto Source Ltd. is the best and easiest way to save your funds and raise them from additional gain with absolutely no risk for you. There are investor’s who’s investment amount is above $500,000.00 and they know that they can trust to Crypto Source Ltd without any loss or fear of loss.

We wish you to have a great week and stay tuned!

Best Wishes,
Crypto Source Ltd. 
Company registration number: 11042010
110 Sandhurst Court, Acre Lane, Brixton,
London, SW2 5TX, United Kingdom

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